Saturday, September 13, 2008

Discovering myself all over again..

I never knew that i enjoy reading.. But these few days i seems to have discover a different side of myself.. I am starting to like reading on a lazy afternoon, enjoying the silence and all by myself environment reading the books i have. It was enjoyable and at a certain point, there was a slight regret that i did not start this activity in my early years. There are so much that one can learn from books.

But i dun read fantasies or frictional stories, i love reading the lifes of people, to learn from people's experience and improve myself. Reading from people's experience and learning about what life brings often left me pondering about my life and reflecting on my actions and things i had done. I love the learning experience that comes along with the book. Interesting side of me i realise i like.

Maybe i had shut myself in a certain environment for too long for whatever the reason. Suddenly opening myself out to people and meeting various kind of people in all sorts of environment allow me to experience so much stuffs that i never but wish to experience ay some part of my life. The last tues and wed night had been very interesting for me, and another side of me that i discover.

I hope its not too late to start experience stuffs which could have been done earlier in my life. I love the experience.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The end of school life?

Hmmmm... This has been my desktop background for my exam period every semester and today was my final year project presentation... not very smooth but i think its enough to get a pass i guess... But most importantly, the presentation marks the end of my NTU schooling life and what i can do now is to wait for the results to be out to confirm the end of my NTU schooling life.. Strangly, i dun feel a thing now even everything is over.. i feel numb and i dun feel any excitment or happy about it... at the same time, i dun feel sad or what so ever. I just dunno how i should feel right now at such a moment..

Meantime, i have to pack up all the stuffs in my room to prepare to move back home... My room is in such a mess now.. hai

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fragile life..

Sometimes it cannot be help but to think how fragile life is and the meaning of life. The dreams of 'happily ever after' for me has been smashed at a really young age. I never believe much in it ever since my dad passed away when i was 5.

I recieve a msg that a friend pass away just today from cancer. I will not say i know her very well, she is a choir senior but somehow tears just managed to find its way out. All the memories of my aunt's just came back, the day when she passed away from cancer. The memories of my aunt, the look on my mum's face, the expression on everyone. The news is just too hard for me to bear. Everyone trying so hard to fight back the tears to try to arrange the funeral and whenever someone breaks down, the others will just break down as well.

I start to wonder how is her family coping? Is everyone around her ok? The painful feelings just come back to me and i really hope that her family is coping well with everything.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Management Thinking?!

One more paper and a presentation is the only thing in my way to graduation! Hope everything goes well, i think i got some praying to do after exams. Anyway some interesting picture on managment thinking! Enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spilled thoughts

Once in a while, in the midst of my studying, my mind will just wander off my notes and go into deep thoughts. And this is one of them. I also thought of who are the people that made an impact on my life. Lots of people came into my life, some left, some stay on to become my best of friends. People go in and out of people's life. Some left an impact, taught you a certain life lesson and they leave you. Some stay on to share your joy and sorrows with you. Everytime someone leave a part of my life, i will start of think if there is a certain impact or lesson that is meant for me by this person that left? What have i learn?

I believe that some things do happen for a reason, it might be made known to you now or in the future and you might not even realise it. Perhaps i think too much, but i somewhat also thinks that people that leave your life is meant to teach a certain lesson to be learnt. Perhaps thinking this way makes me feel better, more in a positive manners towards things.

Sometimes, i try so hard to look for a certain answer to certain things in life that i just dun realise its happening right in front to me.

Oh ya, sometimes it is so amazing how comfortable you can feel with certain friends and how they can just be there anytime for you whenever you are in need. Even at 11pm at night! Just few weeks back when i feeling down, i drop a message to kevin and eugene at 11pm at night to ask them to go for a drink at 12am at a place near suntec and they will just be there just for me. Althought they live quite far and at such a wierd + last min timing. And it amazing that i feel so much better after drinking with them and how touched i am when they make such an effort for me. In fact, terzettos are such great friends whom i feel so comfortable with them and whenever i need them, they will be there for me. It has been more than 10 years and they are still so amazing. I cannot describle the feelings but they are just such marvellous friends.

Haha. its so silly of me. Suddenly i just feel so emo and feel like drinking again. But i got to go back to my notes. Lets hope my life continue to be eventful after graduation! Anyway for those having exams and want to relax a little, you can go and view this. Its an awareness test.
How many passes did the team in white make?


Friday, April 11, 2008


Exams are next tuesday and there are wars everywhere..

My medicine is fighting a war against the flu and cough virus that invaded me for the past few days and its making me feel really really unwell.. i just hope i get well soon so that i can start to mug hard...

At the same very time, i got to fight the ZzZzzzZzzz Monster induced by my medicine to stay awake to finsh up my FYP report and to start studying soon!

Speaking of that, my first and second paper is next tuesday and thursday and i am rushing to submit my FYP report next monday. Desperately fighting against time to get it done and get down to studying..

Its so frustrating!

Friday, March 07, 2008

when i was young..

when i was young, i remember when a lalang flew past me my primary school mate told me that its an angel that will bring message from me to anyone in heaven... in my primary school, there was a lot of lalangs that will just fly past you during lessons.. whenever i see one, i will just grab it and say things i wish to say to my father.. then i will release it and pray that this "angel" will being my message to my father.. those were the days.. if things were that simple..